Disability support set to be a little closer to home in Merrifield

The Merrifield Community Partnerships Program has given Hume based not-for-profit BDS Support Services $10,000 to establish a program to assist families of children with autism.

BDS Support Services chief executive Barb van den Vlekkert said the program would be shaped by the families involved.

“We want to create important local connections so we can better understand the needs of families and tailor support for parents of children with a disability,” she said.

Other initiatives supported by the Merrifield Community Partnerships Program include a culturally diverse support group delivered by the Oorja Foundation, a walking program with DPV Health and a series of street barbecues as part of Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Connect 4 Wellbeing program.

Merrifield community development manager Tennille Bradley-Ow said the programs would enhance the community experience of the estate’s more than 3000 people.