Customer service charter

Our commitment to you

We will:

  • provide you information about BDS in a way that is easy to understand
  • tell you about your rights and responsibilities
  • arrange for an interpreter or other language services, if you need this help
  • protect the personal information that you provide us and only use it for the right reasons
  • inform you if you are not eligible for a service or if there is a waiting list
  • provide you with advice on other support that may be available
  • support you to be involved in discussions and decisions about the services that we provide to you
  • inform you about any decision that affects you and the reasons for our decision
  • provide information to help you make a complaint or offer assistance to resolve and issue with the supports we provide to you.

How you can help us

So that we can work well with you, we will need you, your family and support network to:

  • provide us with current information about your support needs and goals
  • give us updated information when things in your life change such as a new phone number or address, or a change in medication
  • let us know when things in your life change or might be about to change so that we can review and plan the right supports for you
  • always treat our employees with respect and dignity when they are working with you
  • do the things you have agreed to do, like keeping appointments with us or letting us know if you can’t attend appointments
  • give us the details of a contact person to assist you in dealing with us, if you need another person’s help
  • be respectful of other people using our services, BDS property and vehicles
  • give us honest feedback about our services.

What do we value?

All services and supports provided by BDS are built on our eight core values. You can expect everyone at BDS to display these values when communicating and meeting with you or providing services and support.

Our eight core values are:

  • Honesty − We will always be fair and truthful when working with you, your family and support network.
  • Trust − We will be reliable and always work to the best of our abilities so that you feel confident, safe and supported to try new things.
  • Respect − We will support you to make informed decisions, be courteous, kind and always consider your choices and feelings.
  • Integrity − We will always act professionally and uphold our moral and ethical standards when supporting and communicating with you.
  • Commitment − We will do what we agree to do in the set timeframes so that you know you can rely on us.
  • Open-minded − We will be open to new ideas or ways of supporting you even if we have tried before and not succeeded.
  • Individuality − We will always see you as an individual person with your own needs, beliefs and goals in life.
  • Equality − You always have the same rights as any other person regardless of your gender, age, beliefs, ability or any other personal trait.